Journalist | Playwright | Screenwriter
Stephen sold his first TV pilot, Danny's All-Star Joint, to CBC Television while a grad student at UBC in the late 1980's. His first story editor was Hart Hanson, the Gemini Award winning co-creator of Traders, as well as the creator the FOX hit Bones. His graduate thesis was a coming-of-age screenplay called Boys Will Be Boys, about growing up in 1970's suburban Winnipeg and its hockey culture.

At the peak of the dotcom boom, he sold the TV rights to his hit play The White Guy to Quincy Jones and Warner Bros. (Telepictures), who hired Hunt and his wife, Melanee-Murray to co-write the pilot along with veteran Hollywood comedy director Sue Wolf.

Then the dotcom bubble burst, and so did the chances of The White Guy getting made.

Hunt also wrote several comedy screenplays, including The Boss, a dark comedy about corrupt bankers; Rat Poison, a dark mob comedy; WordPerfect, an updating of the Cyrano de Bergerac legend set in New York's media world of the 1990's; Tree Planters, an eco-romantic comedy; a number of versions of The White Guy; Hoodwinked, a hip-hop Tootsie, which he co-wrote with wife Melanee Murray-Hunt, and The Wedding Photographer.

It all amounted to a decade of his life he can't get back.

However, he did work on a screenplay with Taylor Nichols, the star of Barcelona, Metropolitan and the HBO series Mind of the Married Man (MOTMM), for the independent producer Sherman Sall. Hunt and Nichols also joined forces to pen what would have undoubtedly been an award-winning episode of MOTMM had it been renewed for a third season, but it got cancelled so HBO could do Carnivale instead.

In 2009, TV and film rights to the stage play and book The White Guy were purchased by Koster-Kovitz, a B.C.-based production company. Hunt is writing the screenplay adaptation.

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