Journalist | Playwright | Screenwriter
From 1997 to 2006, Stephen lived in Los Angeles. He went there as a playwright, morphed into a screenwriter, dabbled in dotcommunications before emerging, semi-intact, a decade later as a print journalist. (You had to be there). Over the course of that eventful era, he covered the Los Angeles arts and entertainment scene for the Globe and Mail, Montreal's Hour Magazine, the New York Post, Los Angeles Times, Italian Rolling Stone, The Australian Financial Times, New York Press, Sports Illustrated, Moving Pictures, Saturday Night, Shift, Toro, CBC Radio (Definitely Not the Opera), National Public Radio, Britain's fq, Chrome (Indonesia), and 7 Days (Singapore) among many others. In 2004, Stephen studied at the Banff Centre's Cultural Journalism Program and in 2006, returned home to Canada, taking a job as an entertainment reporter at the Calgary Herald, where he writes about the Calgary performing arts scene.
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